Adam Goucher: On Toughness and Visualizing The Race


via MileSplit - "Toughness and the competitive spirit is often inherent in an individual, but an athlete can absolutely work to develop this through visualization. Adam Goucher would often proceed with mental processes that would help him develop this toughness within. Read what Goucher has to say in regard to toughness and visualization."

I think the three key points to take from this article are: 1. Get Fit - it becomes significantly easier to be tough when you are fit and strong, I believe it was the CU Buffs Coach, Mark Wetmore who said "toughness is 90% fitness". 2 Don't Over Visualize - try to avoid getting over-hyped or visualizing your game day performance too far ahead of time. This can be a challenge because later season championship meets are often two weeks apart. As a coach, I tried to not mention or discuss a major meet before a few days out.  3. See Yourself Being Successful - visualize yourself mentally overcoming negative situations. Remember without pain and discomfort, you will most likely not be able to achieve your full potential. So, in this case welcome the pain because without it you cannot fully actualize your true potential.