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Ivy League Track and Field Recruiting - Why We Chose Cornell



Why I Chose Cornell: Kaitlyn Roffman

The minute I stepped onto Cornell’s campus for the first time last February, I was pretty confident that it was the place I wanted to spend my next four years. Cornell, being comprised of numerous colleges within the school, provides an extensive list of majors and countless opportunities to pursue as an undergrad. Being undecided about my major, I know that I will have the flexibility to take classes and learn what I am passionate about. Additionally, the success of the track and field and cross country programs at Cornell is very impressive. Meeting Coach Artie and the girls on the track and cross country teams made me realize that Cornell was a place where I could grow and be challenged both academically and athletically. In addition, the size of Cornell is absolutely perfect as it can at times provide a big school feel that can immediately become more small school-like within the individual colleges. Finally, the food on campus is ranked in the top 10 out of all colleges in the country...which I confirmed on my official visit.

Why I Chose Cornell: Sarah Roffman

I chose Cornell University as it met all the criteria for what I was looking for in a college demographically, academically and athletically. Cornell’s rural yet slightly urban feel was extremely appealing to me, as I did not feel overwhelmed by a large city but also did not feel isolated. With the town of Ithaca nearby, I knew I could find more opportunities beyond the boundaries of Cornell University alone. The size of Cornell is ideal. I wanted to have access to a larger community, but also to be able to build relationships with my classmates (something that seemed more difficult with larger class sizes). Academically, Cornell caters well to an undecided high school student like myself. Cornell’s College of Arts and Science was attractive, as it will allow me to explore my interests in a variety of fields, and eventually help me to narrow in on a major. Finally, Coach Artie Smith and the girls on the team made me even more excited about the prospect of attending Cornell. Everyone on the cross country and track and field teams was extremely welcoming and had genuine friendships with one another. I feel that Coach Artie will be great in helping my transition to college running by emphasizing consistency and patience while I work to improve and grow as a runner. The team’s previous success, with high achieving individuals and teams, was also something I felt eager to be a part of. I did not want to sacrifice strong athletics for academics and vice versa, and with Cornell, I get the best of both worlds.