Track and Field Training: 800, 1600m, 3200m

Fast Track Recruiting

Below you will find a sample training week of Sean Dolan. Sean Dolan is a recent graduate of Hopewell Valley High School in New Jersey and a signee with Villanova University with PR’s of 1:50.53 – 800m, 4:05.01– Mile, 9:02.66 – 3200m

Former Columbia Coach and colleague of mine, Robert Marchetti, recently interviewed Sean for an article for Milesplit.


MONDAY: 5-6 Miles @ 7:15-6:50 pace on the road. Followed by 30 meter acceleration bursts on the track x 6 reps, w/ walk back recoveries. Hurdle mobility circuit, stretching, core, and weights.

TUESDAY: Track workout. 3x1200m or 3x1000m near threshold pace w/1:00 to 1:30 rests between each. Followed by 4 to 6 x200m at miler pace, jog 200 between each. Stretching and core.
(*Before big meets do the 600 to 100m breakdown described earlier)

WEDNESDAY: 5-6 Miles @ 7:15-6:50 pace on road. Followed by 6x100 on the track @ mile race rhythm. Stretching, core, and weights.

THURSDAY: Usually 6-7 miles @ 7:15-6:50 pace on road. Sometimes this is a little harder, @6:40 range, depending on goals for the week. Stretching and core.

FRIDAYS: Pre-meet day. 30 minutes very easy @ 7:15 pace. Sometimes followed by a few striders at the goal pace for race the next day.


SUNDAYS: Recovery run, 7-9 Miles on trails or towpath @ easy 7:00 pace.

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