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Track & Field Recruiting – What Should I Be Doing This Summer?



Track and Field Recruiting

The NCAA currently reports that over 1.5 million boys and girls participate in high school track & field and cross country. Of those 1.5 million participants, only 85,000-90,000 will compete in college, or approximately 4-7% depending upon event and gender

As a result, it is imperative that you devise a plan of action early on in your high school career. You have worked too hard and sacrificed far too much to idly wait for the process to begin. Take control of your destiny in the same manner you have your academic and athletic endeavors. The recruiting process will require the same such commitment from you.

Below you will find what rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors should be doing right now

Going To Be A Sophomore

With the new NCAA Recruiting Rules your recruiting process will begin in less than a year. As a result, it is imperative that you devise a plan of action now. Below are three suggestions for you to consider during your sophomore year of high school to optimize your college recruitment experience:

  1. Create a list of schools
  2. Send an introductory email
  3. Communicate effectively

For more information click here - SOPH YEAR

Going To Be A Junior

Your junior year is quickly approaching and it is time to start seriously considering where you want to continue your academic and athletic pursuits. Do not be passive -- start reaching out to college coaches now. Be proactive in your outreach and email every program that you are interested in, regardless of the perceived reach. Be your own greatest advocate and take charge of your future.

  1. Cast A Wide Net
  2. Fill Out Online Recruiting Questionnaires
  3. Contact College Coaches
  4. Take The ACT / SAT
  5. Utilize Unofficial Visits

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Going To Be A Senior

If you are not being recruited at all yet or not hearing from the programs you are most interested in is time to reevaluate your college search process. There is still time plenty of time to devise a new strategy and create a new outreach plan.

  1. Try, try again – and, then move on. Re-contact everyone.
  2. Reach out to all the schools that have reached out to you
  3. Expand your search
  4. Try different means of outreach
  5. Enlist the Help of your High School Coach
  6. Enlist the help of a third-party

If you are being recruited, life is good - enjoy the ride!

  1. Get an Academic / Financial Aid Pre Read where applicable
  2. Narrow your choices
  3. Take Your Official Visits
  4. Choose the best fit for you!

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