Ivy League Track and Field Recruiting Standards - Ivy League Recruiting


By Willy Wood

If you are one of the many high school track and field / cross country athletes hoping to be recruited by an Ivy League school note below the typical recruiting standards. Not only does acceptance to an Ivy League school require an extremely strong academic background, it also demands a very accomplished athletic career. The Ivies are improving significantly and as a result the marks they are looking for have improved significantly. Ivy League schools are significantly better athletically than most people realize. In my last season at Columbia, we were ranked sixth in the NCAA national cross country poll. Over the last 10 years, 12 Ivy League student-athletes have become NCAA Division I national champions. Most of the programs post their recruiting standards online. Generally speaking, you are going to have to be very close to the marks listed below to get serious attention from an Ivy League coach


100m 10.85 12.20

200m 21.90 25.00

400m 49.00 56.50

800m 1:54 2:14

160m 4:15 5:00

3200m 9:20 11:00

110/100H 14.4 14.4

300H 38.5 44.0

LJ 22 ' 6" 18' 6"

TJ 47' 38'

HJ 6' 7" 5' 6"

PV 15' 11'9"

SP 56' 44'

Discus 170' 140'

Javelin 190' 130'

Hammer 185' 155'