COLLEGE TRACK AND FIELD RECRUITING - Are Recruiting Services Needed?



Frequently Asked Questions –

Does my son or daughter really need a recruiting service to get recruited? Probably not - all they really need to do is run fast or jump or throw really far. If not, all they have to do is to initiate contact with enough college coaches. On the surface it seems as though the process is simple enough. Running is simple as well, very simple – we have been doing it for years. However, to run faster or faster longer or to jump or throw further or to vault higher, one would certainly benefit from a knowledgeable coach. Does my son or daughter really need a coach to run fast? No, not if they are naturally fast. But, they do need a knowledgeable coach to run faster. That is what we do. Are we needed – probably not? Many, many high school student-athletes are recruited annually without using a recruiting service – just as many, many 100m runners run fast without adequate preparation or training. However, if you want to run faster…if you want to get into a school one rung higher than you initially anticipated, if you want to get more scholarship money than you thought possible, and if you want to be exposed to programs and colleges that would be great fits for you, but you currently know nothing about – that is where we come in. Are we needed, no. Will we make your experience better, YES! Will you end up with more and better choices and more lucrative offers, YES!