COLLEGE TRACK AND FIELD RECRUITING - Are Recruiting Services Needed?



Frequently Asked Questions –

Does my son or daughter really need a recruiting service to get recruited? Probably not - all they really need to do is run fast or jump or throw really far. If not, all they have to do is to initiate contact with enough college coaches. On the surface it seems as though the process is simple enough. Running is simple as well, very simple – we have been doing it for years. However, to run faster or faster longer or to jump or throw further or to vault higher, one would certainly benefit from a knowledgeable coach. Does my son or daughter really need a coach to run fast? No, not if they are naturally fast. But, they do need a knowledgeable coach to run faster. That is what we do. Are we needed – probably not? Many, many high school student-athletes are recruited annually without using a recruiting service – just as many, many 100m runners run fast without adequate preparation or training. However, if you want to run faster…if you want to get into a school one rung higher than you initially anticipated, if you want to get more scholarship money than you thought possible, and if you want to be exposed to programs and colleges that would be great fits for you, but you currently know nothing about – that is where we come in. Are we needed, no. Will we make your experience better, YES! Will you end up with more and better choices and more lucrative offers, YES!

COLLEGE TRACK AND FIELD RECRUITING - Some of the Nation's Most Diverse School


College-bound student-athletes who prioritize studying with people of different racial and ethnic backgrounds may want to consider the following school/programs:

EAST – Amherst, Columbia, Dartmouth, MIT, Northeastern, Saint John’s, Swarthmore

SOUTHEAST – Duke, George Mason, John’s Hopkins, Maryland, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Virginia Commonwealth

SOUTH – Emory, Georgia State, Houston, Miami, Nova SE University, Rice, UT-Arlington

MIDWEST – Case Western, Carnegie Mellon, Chicago, Northwestern, Vanderbilt

WEST – Biola, Harvey Mudd, Stanford, University of San Francisco, UCLA, UNLV

COLLEGE TRACK AND FIELD RECRUITING - Some of the Nation's Most Beautiful Campuses!


Undoubtedly, you will consider many factors when deciding where to further your academic and athletic pursuits. One aspect that will have a potential significant impact on your decision will be the campus of the schools you are considering. Here is a list of several schools that have been listed by numerous sources as the prettiest in the country. Obviously, there are many. many more and much will depend on your personal preferences.


Princeton University - Ivy League School. NCAA I. Very Competitive Athletics

Amherst College - NCAA III. Highly Selective Academics. Good Athletics

Penn State - Big Ten. Power 5. Public with Strong Academics. Very Competitive Athletics.


University of Virginia - ACC. Power 5. Public with Highly Selective Academics. Very Competitive Athletics.

Wake Forest University - ACC. Power 5. Highly Selective Academics. Very Competitive Athletics.

Emory College - NCAA III. UAA Conference. Highly Selective Academics. Very Good Athletics.


University of Mississippi - SEC. Power 5. Above Average Academics. Highly Competitive Athletics.

Sewanee: The University of the South - NCAA III. Above Average Academics. Moderate Athletics.

Furman University - NCAA I. Extremely Competitive Distance / XC Program. Mid-range Academics.


Notre Dame - ACC. Power 5. Highly Selective Academics, Highly Competitive Athletics.

Kenyon College - NCAA III. Well Above Average Academics. Moderately Competitive Athletics.

Indiana University - Big Ten. Power 5. Public. Moderately Strong Academics. Highly Competitive Athletics.


The University of Chicago - NCAA III. UAA Conference. Highly Selective Academics. Above Competitive Athletics.

University of Wisconsin - Big Ten. Power 5. Public. Strong Academics. Highly Competitive Athletics.

Washington Univerity (St Louis) - NCAA III. UAA Conference. Highly Selective Academics. Competitive Athletics.


Stanford University - PAC 12. Power 5. Highly Selective Academics. Very Competitive Athletics.

University of Washington - PAC 12.Power 5. Public. Selective Academics. Very Competitive Athletics

Lewis & Clark College - NCAA III. Moderate Academics. Moderately Competitive Athletics.



Do not assume that because you received a questionnaire or a generic introductory letter/e-mail from a particular coach that they consider you an active and viable recruit. Coaches will send out this type of correspondence to anyone who meets a particular mark they have determined recruitable. Upon receipt of your information, they may become less interested. This could be due to your academic background, lack of yearly progression or consistent marks. If you are interested in a particular program and have not heard back from them beyond their initial communication, you should e-mail the head coach and event coach with whom you’d be working to express your interest. Their reply should provide you with a good indication of their interest level.

COLLEGE TRACK RECRUITING - Creating an account is the first step to becoming an NCAA student-athlete


You need to be certified by the NCAA Eligibility Center to compete at a NCAA Division I or II school. You need to create a Certification Account to make official visits to Divisions I and II schools or to sign a National Letter of Intent.

Create a Profile Page if you plan to compete at a Division III school or are not yet sure where you want to compete. You'll get a NCAA ID, and we will send you important reminders as you complete high school.


COLLEGE TRACK RECRUITING - Coaches Can Start Calling Jr's....Starting now!


September 1 has arrived! College Coaches are able to start contacting juniors today via telephone. If you received a call today, congratulations…that’s awesome, and you are obviously very good! If you have not received a call do not sweat it. Most of the coaches who I have been in contact with over the past couple of weeks have told me that although they are able to start making calls today that there is still too much on-going activity with their senior recruits that it will be a while before they start calling juniors.


The recruiting process can be very confusing, particularly if this is your first time going through it. I have received many emails and calls lately from prospects and their parents asking me what their next step should be. If you are currently a senior and have not yet heard from coaches at the schools you are most interested – it is time to change up your approach and create a new plan of attack. This is where we can truly help you! Many current recruits are waiting to hear from a coach because they were sent a questionnaire or an introductory letter at some point during the process. That type of communication is not enough, particularly if you are looking at an academically selective school. Typically, this type of correspondence is more exploratory than an expression of interest. Ivy League Track & Field coaches estimate that 75-85% of their class will be filled by early decision applicants. If you are still awaiting that call, stop - there is only about eight weeks left before that window will close! Make a new plan or let us help you. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity – be proactive!

How to Get the Process Started - Duke Women's XC Coach

The Recruiting Code posted a very informative article by the Duke University Women's XC Coach. She states that the two ways to get on her radar are to fill out their online questionnaire and to follow it up with an email. Seems an easy way to get the process started!