College Track and Field Recruiting Tips - Do Not Sell Yourself Short But Be Realistic

College Track and Field

Do Not Sell Yourself Short But Be Realistic

Obviously, everyone wants to run Cross Country for Stanford or line up in the 4 x 100m for LSU but if you haven’t heard from their coaching staff yet, then they are probably not interested. At this point, you need to be realistic.

Regardless of your ability level, if you have been reaching out to college coaches and they are not responding, take the hint and move on. You might need to reassess the type of schools and programs on your list. Research the team’s current performance level (see TFRRS for team rankings and performances) and learn more about the academic profile of the school’s incoming freshmen class.

If you haven’t been contacting colleges yet, get started today. Be sure to pursue colleges where you have a legitimate shot at making their team or being admitted to their university. Additionally, pursue schools that a safe options. Spend the majority of your time committed to focusing on the colleges that are just as interested in you as you are in them.