Want To Be A Big 10 Sprinter - College Track and Field Recruiting Standards


I was recently asked what time would be required to compete in the sprints/hurdles at a Big 10 school. Obviously, there is no conference standard to be able to walk-on at a member institution or a generic scholarship list of standards as it varies from school to school. However, I did reach out to one of the more successful programs in the Big 10 and was able to get their recruiting standards.   It is also important to keep in mind that consistent performances at the indicated levels along with the ability to contribute competitively in other events will be used to award athletic scholarships.  These marks are the minimum standards to receive an athletic scholarship.  Remember, in Track and Field a scholarship can range from books to a full-ride. If you just barely achieve the mark below, you should not expect more than books - 20%. Want to know if you can compete in the Big Ten, see below:


100m- 10.80 / 12.10

200m- 21.70 / 24.90

400m- 48.50 / 56.50

110HH- 14.50 / 14.40

300IH- 38.10 / 44.50

400IH- 53.50 / 62.50


100m-  10.60 / 11.90

200m- 21.50 / 24.55

400m- 47.90 / 55.00

110HH- 14.00 / 13.80

300IH- 37.90 / 43.60

400IH- 52.50 / 61.50