Track and Field Recruiting From the Eyes of an Elite HS Runner

Interview with Cory Mull

Interview with Cory Mull

Senior, Talitha Diggs finished her junior season ranked in the top 10 nationally in the 400m (52.82 seconds) and top 50 in the 200m (23.88). As a result, basically every school in the country started recruiting her. To date, her top six choices are Texas, South Carolina, LSU, Florida, Stanford and the University of Southern California. Here are a few things Diggs is keeping in mind with each visit.

1.COACHING PHILOSOPHY: "When I look for a coach, I'm looking for a family-oriented program and a supportive coach who wants you to come to the university but also really wants to train you as an athlete. They know what you're capable of doing. I need tough love, too."

2. PRIOR SUCCESS: "I'm looking at the success they've had in the 200m and 400m and the 100m. I'm looking to see how I can add to that, to make it stronger. That's an important thing. With (Texas') Coach Floreal, for instance, he's had a lot of coaching experience in the areas I run.”

3. CULTURE: "I'd like to work with a mentor. I like tough love. I think it makes you stronger. But while I want to be a great track athlete, I want to be a better person. I want an environment that gives me all those things."

4. TEAMMATES: "It's definitely an important factor to me. Being able to have teammates who can push me, mentally just be able to push me. They build the environment of the school, so what each teammate brings to that university is going to matter for me."

5. DEPTH CHART: Based on signings over the past three seasons, here are sprinters who have signedwith each program on Diggs' final list of six teams.