Train Like A Sub 1:50 800m Runner

Track and Field Training


Here is a look at how we trained our 800m runners at this time of the year. Our training was often influenced by the weather. As a result, we were not able to run hill intervals as much as I would have liked - so we pushed that phase back to March and April. Here is a sample week from January. As you will notice, we followed Gags'                    ( philosophy of mixing speed and strength. We never ventured far from either. 

Monday - 50 minutes easy

Tuesday - 6 x 800m in 2:20 w/ 2’ rest

Wednesday - 50 minutes easy

Thursday - 2  (200m, 400m, 200m, 200m in 26, 55, 28, 28) full recovery between sets

Friday -  50 minutes easy

Saturday - 2 x 2 mile @ 5:30 pace w/ 5 minute recovery 

Sunday - 1:20 easy