Want To Run Sub 4? Tips for Running A PR In The Mile


By: Willy Wood



28 college runners have run sub 4 indoors this year alone. Of the 28 runners who have broken 4 minutes in the mile, 21 of them have different coaches. Obviously, there are many ways to the top of the mountain. However, most training programs share more similarities than differences. A few notable commonalities include:

Routine easy runs of 50 - 70 minutes at a comfortable pace.

Morning Tempo runs ranging between 4-6 miles coupled with an afternoon hill or speed session am 5 mile controlled tempo run (around 5:00 pace for sub 4 miler) pm 8 x 150m Hill Sprints

Strength work through sub-maximal, controlled intervals of 800m - Mile 8 - 10 x 1000m with 2-minute recovery jog (2:50 - 3:00 for a sub 4 miler)

High-quality race pace and sub-race pace intervals. 1 x 800m in 1:52 with 8-minute recovery followed by 6 x 200m in 27 with 2-minute recovery or 4 x ( 2 x 400m with 1-minute rest) 3 minutes rest - set 1 in 62, set 2 in 60, set 3 in 59, set 4 in 58

Long run of 14 - 16 miles