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Track and Field Training: 800, 1600m, 3200m

Fast Track Recruiting

Below you will find a sample training week of Sean Dolan. Sean Dolan is a recent graduate of Hopewell Valley High School in New Jersey and a signee with Villanova University with PR’s of 1:50.53 – 800m, 4:05.01– Mile, 9:02.66 – 3200m

Former Columbia Coach and colleague of mine, Robert Marchetti, recently interviewed Sean for an article for Milesplit.


MONDAY: 5-6 Miles @ 7:15-6:50 pace on the road. Followed by 30 meter acceleration bursts on the track x 6 reps, w/ walk back recoveries. Hurdle mobility circuit, stretching, core, and weights.

TUESDAY: Track workout. 3x1200m or 3x1000m near threshold pace w/1:00 to 1:30 rests between each. Followed by 4 to 6 x200m at miler pace, jog 200 between each. Stretching and core.
(*Before big meets do the 600 to 100m breakdown described earlier)

WEDNESDAY: 5-6 Miles @ 7:15-6:50 pace on road. Followed by 6x100 on the track @ mile race rhythm. Stretching, core, and weights.

THURSDAY: Usually 6-7 miles @ 7:15-6:50 pace on road. Sometimes this is a little harder, @6:40 range, depending on goals for the week. Stretching and core.

FRIDAYS: Pre-meet day. 30 minutes very easy @ 7:15 pace. Sometimes followed by a few striders at the goal pace for race the next day.


SUNDAYS: Recovery run, 7-9 Miles on trails or towpath @ easy 7:00 pace.

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High School Cross Country Training: Are you running enough?

Cross Country Training

The discrepancy in high school cross country training is immense. I have coached individuals who maxed out at 30 miles per week in high school and others who exceeded 80 miles per week. There are so many different thoughts on mileage, staying healthy and avoiding burn-out.  The key is to find the optimal volume to ensure you reach your full potential as a runner. You need to identify the proper balance between enough and staying healthy – the edge. Approach it, but don’t cross over it.

I reached out to one of the top high school boy’s cross country coaches in the country, Coach Paul Vandersteen to take at closer look at the type of mileage the boys at Neuqua Valley High Schools are logging over the summer.

Freshman Boys: 35 – 40 miles per week

Sophomore Boys: 50 – 55 miles per week

Junior Boys: 60 – 65 miles per week

Senior Boys: 70  - 75 miles per week

*** However, their weekly mileage rarely exceeds 65 miles per week once school starts.


High school girls who want to follow this program’s volume philosophy should adjust accordingly:

Freshman Girls: 25 – 30 miles per week

Sophomore Girls: 35 – 40 miles per week

Junior Girls: 45 – 50 miles per week

Senior Girls: 50 - 55 miles per week

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